The Flowing are a folk band hailing from Medway, Kent. Their deep sound fluidly combines layers of vocal and instrumental harmonies with honest, frank lyrics. This raw yet soulful sound has earned them a large and dedicated local following and they can be found weaving their captivating craft in boats, bars and basements all over London and the South East. In addition, The Flowing have performed at many well-respected festivals including Broadstairs Folk Week, Rochester's Sweeps Festival, Smugglers Festival, Sandwich Folk and Ale Festival and Wessex Folk Festival. They have also performed live on the BBC Radio Kent Dominic King show.

They released their first studio album, Talk About Wonder, in 2016 to critical acclaim in addition to receiving radio play on BBC Radio Kent. This album doubled the ensemble's back-catalogue, alongside the previously released home recorded album Garden of England. Currently the group are working diligently on a number of exciting new projects, including a self-recorded EP, which will be released on 5 April 2020.

Influences include Lau, Bellowhead, Bon Iver, Bob Dylan, Mount Eerie, Nick Drake, Sibyelle Baier, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Leonard Cohen, and the storytelling of Rachel Newton.


Dave Pickett is frontman, guitarist, lead vocalist and songwriter of The Flowing, which he formed in 2008. Although he didn't start learning guitar until the age of 18, he has a repertoire which includes over 50 original songs. Although rarely seen without his acoustic guitar in hand, Dave is a multi-instrumentalist, and also plays ukulele, electric guitar and banjo, the latter two of which can be heard on the Talk About Wonder album. Dave studied Music Performance and Production at university, and is also a keen artist: he has exhibited his work at Sun Pier House. He now teaches guitar, and is accomplished in classical guitar, performing regularly at events.


Vicky Price joined The Flowing shortly after Theo. She sang and learnt French horn as a child, performing in orchestras and choral groups, and going on to study music at university. She joined folk band Los Salvadores in 2009, where she recorded several EPs and performed at Boomtown Fair, and on the main stage at Lounge on the Farm. Vicky has since taught herself to play the accordion, which she began playing with Los Salvadores, and which also features on The Flowing’s new album. Vicky contributes beautiful solo performances to the Flowing’s set, adding a traditional folk element. She also plays, on occasion, with orchestras and other classical ensembles.


Hannah Ellerby is the violinist of the band. Having played in Los Salvadores with Vicky for several years, they joined The Flowing together. Hannah and Vicky have brought an element of Los Salvadores’ progressive and classical sound to The Flowing’s raw and pure sound. Hannah joined Los Salvadores in their folk punk days, and spent the first few months touring the country in a van. Hannah also plays ukulele, and oboe, which she recorded for the first time with The Flowing, and she plays in the University of Kent Concert band. Hannah has recently started performng solo sets with The Flowing.


Theo Dudhill is the bassist of The Flowing, and joined the band in 2013. Theo has been an integral part of the Medway live music scene for the last few years, and has played in numerous bands including lead triangle and bass in Archie Wah Wahs, as well as and Aliqquot Flow. He also gets involved with organising, promoting and sound engineering for Medway gigs. Theo plays the upright bass, and a variation of electric and upright can be heard on the Talk About Wonder album. His strong sense of rhythm also lent itself nicely to recording various percussion parts on the album.

The Flowing - a Medway based folk band